Music and code: Great insights from David Johnson, Zed Shaw and others

Some random thought about music theory and structure (namely, loops) floating around my mind led to an interesting discussion of music and code this weekend. The discussion was topped off quite nicely by a comment Zed Shaw wrote on Reddit about why being a musician can make you a good programmer.

If you can’t see the embed above, view the discussion on Storify.

4 thoughts on “Music and code: Great insights from David Johnson, Zed Shaw and others”

  1. Count me in for jazz/blues/etc guitar and your basic pop piano.

    I see the chords most readily available to you in a given key as similar to the methods available to an object in OOP. Obviously you can get crazy and break the rules, but there are going to be some go-to options that will be at the core of any program.

    1. Yes Alex yes…

      Have long thought three-chord songs and “Hello World” go hand in hand… Learn a new chord or scale, work into what you know… Programming for me has been the same thing…

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